UX and Usability Consulting Services

Eddie James UX, usability, UX research and UX design

I usually handle projects solo, but for larger projects, I will bring in a few other UXers for support.

My mission is to understand the users of your product and understand your organization. I strive to use the insights discovered via our research to help you build great products that will be profitable, used and loved.

I’m an expert in remote, in-lab, and in-field user research methods, so our work can be done practically anywhere and within tight time frames.

Although I love users and learning about why they do what they do, I truly thrive on answering business questions. In fact, all research starts with a business question. Why aren’t visitors to our website buying? Why is our mobile app not being downloaded more? Why do people sign into our email app, yet leave before sending any email? What would make our product really stand out in a crowded market and connect with customers?

My job is to dig deep, talk to real, live users, watch them use your interface and uncover the answers to your questions.

All my work is customized to the unique business needs of the project, but my services can include:

Usability testing
Mobile, remote, online, or in lab — your place or mine — my usability testing services will help ensure that your product doesn’t get in the way of your users’ needs or your bottom line.

User research
Take the guess work out of your project and quickly define and understand your users by utilizing a plethora of research tools. I lead you through the process and help you evaluate and prioritize the results.

UX strategy
How do you build a user experience over several sprints? How do you define project scope and end user requirements and still fit usability and user experience design principles into your development process? How do you ensure that what you are building today will last beyond a few weeks or will grow with your vision? I help you answer these hard questions and still meet deadlines.

Information design
Optimizing the behavior, content and layout of complex transaction-based interfaces through wireframes, sitemaps, and documentation.

Training and workshops
Through online seminars, in-house workshops, and one-on-one coaching, I can teach your staff how to plan usability tests, recruit users, set up a testing area, and analyze the results.

I love to talk about usability, user experience design and how real people use technology in their daily lives. Invite me to speak at your next event.

What I don’t do

I focus on usability testing, UX research and design. I don’t do graphic design or programming, but I’m happy to refer you to programmers and graphic designers, or any other consultant to make your project successful.