Creating a Research plan

Before you start listening to users and hearing their stories, you have to have a plan and know what you want to learn.

For every study I create a research plan that clearly lists the goals of the research and all logistics (times, breaks, locations, recording, etc). This is extremely helpful to not only keep me organized, but also to make sure everyone on the team knows what is happening and when and what goes into to conducting the research.

Research plan for mobile app – Stadium Manager
This research plan was for an Inventory management tablet app for major sports and concert stadiums. The research was an initial discovery/ethnographic visit to the various roles in various stadiums who would potentially use the app. We wanted to discover how prospective users currently do their jobs in order to discover pain points that the app we were developing could help relieve.

Research plan for mobile app – Silver Point of Sale
Point of Sale for a large client who was attempting to offer a competitor to Square. The hope was that this would become the go-to app for small to medium sized retail and restaurants. This research was on-site at businesses who were involved in a trial of a very early version of the app. Our goal was to observe them using the trial version and then have them do the same tasks on the new, about-to-be released version.