Wireframes: Sketching out possible solutions and putting them in front of stakeholders and end users BEFORE any code is written

I try to do wireframes for EVERY research project. I think they help illustrate the problems uncovered during research and show potential ways the problems can be addressed. I’ve also done lots of wireframes for all sorts of devices from ATMs, websites, self-checkout systems, B2B, B2C, and mobile and TV interactive systems.

Sketching out ideas
I am a big fan of white boarding out every step of the process and listing out every question for each step.

When in meetings I am always at the whiteboard drawing out each step of the process and documenting every question. This is very effective in getting everyone to truly understand and visualize what is being discussed in the room.

A set of wireframes for stakeholder review
This set of wires was used to create a prototype to test with wait staff in stadium restaurants and bars.

A sample wireframe of a PIN entry screen for an ATM in Dubai

This is a wireframe of a PIN Entry Screen for an ATM in Dubai.